This Tip has always worked for artists that you actually know but a lot of upcoming rappers do not use it. It is a clue right in front of your eyes. There is a saying that goes: great opportunities are not seen with the eyes but with the mind. As artists, I wanna share this tip with yall.


Structured beats are great for the following:

  • Having a chorus for your song
  • The Best For Collaboration

Many Hit songs have structured beats on them here’s a few; well these are my favourite although they old, who cares

Eminem-No Love (feat. Lil Wayne)

TI-No Mediocre (Feat Iggy Azalea)


Rick Ross-Sophisticated (feat. Meek Mill)

Schoolboy Q-Hands On The Wheel (feat. Asap Rocky)

and many more others too. It’s Good to have Great lyrics but a chorus gives a song climax and if you have such songs, great lyrics are not really that necessary  The Songs mentioned above were hits and have choruses and collabos in them.

This is just a thought let me know in the comments your thoughts and what you would like us to post


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