Artists, today I will tell you exactly why you don’t see sales, whether album, singles or mixtape. You care more about people knowing you than actually supporting you. Another big problem with you artists is that you spend money dismally, most of the time you spend more than you earn. To many upcoming artists, a lot of them get their money from their moms or dads, few really work hard for it. Invest in your craft, treat it like a business.

Your Problem is that you don’t know how to sell your music, even market it effectively. When I ask where can I find your music, its mostly DATAFILE HOST, some Soundcloud. But  a few actually sell their music on I-Tunes, CD baby or even Bandcamp. The problem is that you always use free downloads like Datafile Host, personally I have never fucked with that shit and I will never. Of course if you’re someone like Cassper Nyovest, its not a problem because he’s already big, he still gets paid on shows, Music TV, and shit his album just went platinum and he filled the Coca-Cola dome (20000 people) sold-out.

But that’s not you. You must sell your music, coz you gotta eat. Build your Fan Base. Start in your hood, then build fan bases in other hoods, then your whole Suburb, then your whole region, then  your city, then other states/regions, then the whole country and Then the world. But most artists wanna start vice-versa. I mean no one in his hood knows he raps. Most importantly invest the money you get wisely.

This is my thought tell me what you think on the comments

Thank You

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