You’re probably wondering how you get fans as an artists because that’s wat u really need to stay relevant and be successful as an artists. Fans should be your primarily concern and your mission is to grow them and maintain them for as long as possible, period.

Now where can you get fans?

Well with technology and the internet, if you have good systems set up, it’s really easy now.

A strategy that works fast is having a guest spot on your album/mixtape or basically get a feature for your song. Don’t make the mistake of featuring your friends on your songs. It will kill your success. What you need is to feature an artist who does the same style as you but who has a larger audience than you, probably got a regional buzz, performs on shows, festivals, etc. This artist does not have to be the hottest artist, just someone who has a good regional buzz and good fans.

Make a song with this artist and guess what, his/her fans are directly going to be yours as well, and not only that you getting better quality exposure as well. After that you shoot a music video for that song and you will see the results, that youtube song/video is will get more views than your other videos/songs, that is guaranteed. Lets say the song goes big, if that artist goes on tour or a show, don’t you think that he’ll hit you up to perform that banger yall did? Yes Definitely. On That tour or show, ther’ll be other artists, A&R’s probably, DJ’s and other industry people, you will meet them and you will be put on. If you rocked the stage, you are on the next line up for the next show

Great Promo strategies also get you new fans online, performing on shows, festivals too. You need to have a great promo strategy anyway to get ahead.

Promo is very essential for any artist and is an investment area that you need to be focused on.

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