Promoting and marketing your music online is very essential in today’s time. A lot of rappers today know little about marketing some think they know what it is while most don’t even know a thing about it. If you are in this category today you will learn exactly how to nail and crush your music marketing.



Branding is very important in today’s time and that is where money is made. What is your brand, and if you have one, what does your brand represent? Who is your target market, and are they satisfied with your brand?

Most rappers can be wack but have a good brand behind them, I don’t have to mention names but I believe you know some. They are wack but they make money, Why? Because of their brand and their image and what they represent. Simply put everybody is glued to their eyes because they have established a brand. So, in your business brand awareness is crutial. What is our brand here: simple Our Brand is that we produce Dirty Beats, the name of our site as well as the domain name says it all. By branding and niching, we eliminate some of the market and focus on rappers and artist that are interested in making Trap music. When you go to our website, you already know in your mind that you are going to get Dirty South Beats, not RnB, not pop, not rock, not dubstep, etc. This is what branding is. Find your brand, niche into it and then you will make it out.


Well this is a no brainer! Everyone has music but does everybody have good quality music? Do you have good quality music yourself? If not, then I’m sorry but you won’t make it out. It is very important that you have quality music in today’s era. Fans do not like bad quality music and no one is willing to pay for that. Investing in Mixing and Mastering will benefit you, if you have an engineer or producer, great but if you don’t, it’s not that big of a deal because there are many engineers online who could do all that for you at an affordable price. We talked about quality now let’s talk about the actual music. What is your style, is it unique and with a modern sound to it? You are a good rapper if you can use wordplay, storytelling and talk about the struggle because we all go through that. Let me not forget that you actually need a modern sound to your music and we have that here for you, you can listen to some of our hottest beats by clicking here. Once you have the beats then it’s time to get to work and cook up some hits.


Having a website as an artists is becoming a necessity not an option. Yeah having a huge following on social media is great but a website is like your home, you are in control of that and it is your powerhouse. A website is good for your brand and it makes you look professional. If you are going to have one, have a professional looking site with a good domain name ( This is really a great investment because there is a lot you can do with a website. You can sell your music directly there, post news on your blog, integrate it with social media, sell your own merchandise and lastly you can post your tours and shows directly on your website. This will benefit you in the long run, trust me on that.


Thank God today the world has gone digital. Most big artists sold their albums and singles digitally, so that means you must too. There are sources out there that will distribute your music on all platforms like I-tunes, CD baby, SongCast, etc. These platforms will distribute you music for you but I also want to say that your career depends on having fans and that where you must put your focus on, FANS.


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