Buying beats online is probably sceptical to a lot of artists but in today’s day and age more and more artists are buying beats online every single day. With the help of technology and the internet the industry has changed dramatically. Buying beats online is probably the best option and model artists can invest in as it is very convenient, cost effective, instant delivery and safe. Here are some of the advantages buying beats online have:

  • There are different licenses to every beat
  • The minimum price you pay for buying a beat online is between $20-$50
  • A great investment for a mixtape or album, or even a single

Look at what Slim Jesus did with Drill Time. He bought a beat online and made a smashing hit single with it. He never needed a beat from industry producers. He simply went online, bought a beat, recorded a song, uploaded it online and made a hit. In today’s world, everybody wants everything fast, delivered now. According to what license you want and the budget you have you are absolutely guaranteed to profit from it, one way or another. If you are an artist in need of a producer or beats just go online and get what you want, I mean it’s at the tip of your fingers right?… you got a smartphone, that’s what Slim Jesus did. When buying beats online, here are some useful tips:

  1. Buy from a trusted website. E.g. (soundclick, myflashstore, beats1)
  2. If you’re buying from an individual producer he/she should have an automated beat shop with a player on his/her website
  3. Payment methods should be through PayPal
  4. Build a relationship with the producer

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